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About us

We carry a wide variety of loans in the Salt Lake City area; between traditional, FHA and VA loans, we can help anyone get into a home.

Traditional Mortgage: Whether it is moving into a new house or lending for a first time homebuyer, Trillion brokers are dedicated to providing competitive interest rates and getting customers into a home they love. Our lenders provide answers to any questions and guide homebuyers through all the different stages. 

FHA: These loans are a great option for lower income families who want a home that they can’t afford. FHA are insured loans that offer low down payments, higher loan limitations and lower home prices. FHA brokers are required to gather more information for these types of loan applications, so careful documentation is necessary. Trillion lenders can assist with putting together these loans and qualifying applicants. 

VA: With similar rates to the FHA option, VA loans are only offered to former or active military members. The intention of VA loans is to provide financing for military members in areas where lending is unavailable. VA loans typically possess a low or no down payment and are also available to surviving spouses; on the stipulation they didn’t remarry. 

Knowing how mortgages work can save you time and money. As expert Utah mortgage brokers, we have the knowledge and experience in finding you the best rates for your financial situation. Whether you are looking for traditional lenders, or FHA and VA brokers, we provide all the resources necessary to make it a reality. Come visit our offices near Salt Lake City, or give us a call today so we can discuss the option for any loans. The #1 goal of our lenders is to get you and your family in a home as quickly and easily as possible.

Trillion Mortgage, one of Utah’s premier mortgage brokers, was established in 2003 by Steven DeYoung.  Trillion Mortgage is located in the Salt Lake Valley and services customers throughout the state.

We specialize in providing our clients with a combination of both low rates and competitive closing costs.  We don’t subscribe to the “No Closing Cost” or “Too Good to be True Interest Rate” gimmicks.  The bottom line is we provide all these options to our clients, however one size does not fit all.  There is a trade off for the no closing cost loans, and you need to be aware of these pitfalls that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your mortgage.  By providing our clients with FHA, Conventional, VA, Utah Housing and Reverse Mortgage options we can help you find the best loan available.

We pride ourselves on providing you with unbiased education and options for your mortgage.  By being informed you will save money and get a mortgage that will serve your needs  for both today AND tomorrow.

They did not change a bit. It was and still is a distinct desire to deliver secure diligent financial help, that would ease paying mortgages off , just as well as the regular loans.

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There are lots of mortgage lenders out there. Why choose Trillion Mortgage? Many folks today find it hard to get home financing/refinancing because their employment situation is different than most. Self-employed persons may experience fluctuations in their month-to-month income levels.

Our economy is changing and uncertainties of continued employment make it a challenging environment to secure any type of financing, but home financing (mortgages) is one of the most important types of financing as it helps to secure a future for growing families, which are the backbone of any neighborhood.

For example, people working in the hospitality/restaurant/bar industry may have a significant portion of their income made up of earned tips and other gratuities that cannot be predicted ahead of time.

Others who are working in the trucking industry, clothiers, craftsmen or factory workers (who are often paid a “piece rate” based on the quantity of goods produced), commissioned salespersons, or others in similar job situations may find it difficult to find home financing.

Why? Because lenders are all about reducing risk – the risk to them that the borrower will default on the loan. To minimize risk, lenders need to see evidence that the prospective borrower has sources of income that are reliable.

Put simply, those with non-traditional jobs may feel like the little circus dog – with someone snapping a whip to make them jump through yet another hoop. The endless rounds of paperwork, special forms to fill out – not to mention the uncertainty of knowing about your loan decision – just adds to your stress level.

And when income levels are not consistent, from month-to-month, some lenders refuse to lend thinking that this loan would be high-risk. But at Trillion Mortgage, we work with top-quality mortgage providers and we can find a loan for every situation. This helps to lower the stress that any homeowner feels when they are trying to qualify for a loan, and at Trillion we try hard to find you the best lender up-front, so you have less chance of being denied (thereby requiring you to start the process over again with a new lender).

We know the special needs of those who don’t draw a paycheck in the traditional way, and we promise to always treat you fairly, with courtesy and respect at all times.

If your employment situation is “different” contact us right away – you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!